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"The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful. If you don’t have good models, find someone who is the best in your chosen field and emulate them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply learn from the best. "
- Tony Robbins
Design My Website
Here is everything we do for you...
  •  Your Homepage & Copy
  •  Your Products Page, Copy, & Shopping Cart Integration
  •  Your Services Page, Copy, & Shopping Cart Integration
  •  Your Lead Magnet, Thank You Page, & Email Sequence
  •  Your About Page, Short Bio, & Full Bio Copy 
Jullien has several websites including JullienGordon.com, Masterminds.org, and TheFreedomSchool.com. Together, they generate 10,000s of visitors monthly and 1,000s of organic leads. Your online presence should match the value of your service and we are here to help you show up and show out online.
Write My Bestselling Book
how do you like the sound of "author" in your bio? a book is the best business card there is.
Here is everything we do for you...
  •  Your Book Outline
  •  Your Book Cover Design
  •  Your Interior Layout For Print & EBook 
  •  Your Book Launch Campaign
  •  Your Book Reviewed with Written or Video Feedback
  •  Your Book Editing
  •  Your Print-On-Demand Setup
  •  Your Backend Business Model
  •  Your Distribution Platforms
  • BONUS: Be A Special Guest On The Daily Jules Podcast & Be Featured In The Freedom School Store
  • BONUS: Email Blast From Jullien About Your Book's Release & A Giveaway

Jullien has published 10 books and has sold over 50,000 copies. His titles include The 8 Cylinders of Success, Guaranteed Goals, The Innerview, Done With 1-on-1 Coaching, Work Softer, 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate, The Birthday Book, The New Year Guide, The EntrepreNewYear Plan, and The Guide To Graduation. He has it down to a proven process. Most of his books are written in 30 days using the exact same process we are going to take you through when we work together. From there, we will show you how to create a best seller campaign to get your book in the hands of those who need your insights now.
Setup My Lead Magnet
need to build your email list? a lead magnet is the best way to do it fast and we can help.
Here is everything we do for you...
  • Your Lead Magnet Identification (e.g. Webinar, PDF, Video Series,
    7-Day Challenge)
  • Your Facebook Ad Design
  • Your 4-Page Lead Magnet Funnel
  •  Your Website Exit Pop-Up & Blog Footer Box
  •  Your Follow-Up Consumption Sequence
In 2011, Jullien created The New Year Guide based on a need he saw around setting new year resolutions. It is a multi-page PDF that any can use to set annual goals. Today, that PDF has been downloaded over 25,000 times. One of our clients, Heather, is a grief coach. She knew that her clients isolated themselves during times of grief, so we helped her create Grief On The Go, an audio series that people can listen to in the privacy of their car.
Design My Online Course
How would you like to have a premium online course that sells when you're sleep?
Here is everything we do for you...
  • Your Course Outline
  •  Your Course Launch Campaign
  •  Your Online Workbook Creation
  •  Your Listing On The Freedom School
  • BONUS: Get Your Course Listed In The Freedom School
Jullien has 12 online courses that layed the foundation for The Freedom School including BPAID, Next Client Next Week, PowerPoint Profit, Monetiize Masterminds, Evergreen Enrollment, The EntrepreNewYear Plan, One Day Resume, The Career Change Challenge, The Year Of Freedom, Avatar Analyzer, Webinar Worthy, & Action-Oriented Offers. We have a proven process for creating and selling your online course and would love to take you through it.
Start My Speaking Business
you have a message that the world need to hear and you should be paid to speak it
Here is everything we do for you...
  • Your "Signature Talk" PowerPoint Slides
  •  Your Speaking Landing Page
  •  Your TEDx Speaking Application
  • Your Speaking Bio
  •  Your "Core Story"
  •  Your Speaking Contract Template
  •  Your 60 Second Speaking Reel
Jullien has built a consistent 6-figure speaking business. He has spoken at over 100+ colleges and dozens of corporations. He also has a record 5 TED Talks. We will show how to create your signature talk and then how to sell it, so that you can get your message out there to large audience and be paid to speak too.
Create My Evergreen Webinar
IMAGINE HAVING new hot leads coming into your funnel every single hour
Here is everything we do for you...
  •  Your Webinar PowerPoint Slide Design
  •  Your Evergreen Webinar Backend Technology Setup 
  •  Your 5-Page Webinar Funnel
  • Your Shopping Cart Setup
  •  Your Facebook Ad Video Script & Copy
Every day we have tons of people enter our funnel thanks to a profitable evergreen webinar that not only pays for itself, but builds our email list quickly. The funnel involves 5 different technologies that can be hard to piece together, but we will take care of the back stage so that you can shine on the front stage.
Start My Coaching Business
one thing you say or one question you ask can change the trajectory of someone's life
Here is everything we do for you...
  •  Your Coaching Framework & Processes
  •  Your 1-on-1 Coaching Packages & Prices
  •  Your Coaching Landing Page
  •  Your Coaching Contract
  • Your Calendar & Call Setup
  •  Your Sales Call Script
Jullien coaches entrepreneurs who are just starting out all the way up to multi-millionaires. His coaching was so in demand that we have had to limit his number of clients. One thing you say or one question you can ask can change the trajectory of someone's business or life. Stop allowing people to pick your brain in exchange for buying you a coffee. Your advice is worth more than "2 cents." You have a gold mind.
Launch My Mastermind
you know you can transform more lives and a mastermind is the best way to do it
Here is everything we do for you...
  •  Your Mastermind Group Structure
  •  Your Mastermind Group Founding Member Strategy
  •  Your Mastermind Group Public Launch Strategy
  •  Your Mastermind Group 12-Month Curriculum
  •  Your Mastermind Group Technology Setup
  •  Your Mastermind Group On-Boarding Process
  •  Your Mastermind Group Landing Page
  •  Your Mastermind Group Sales Funnel
In addition to having our own successful mastermind group for entrepreneurs, we have helped launch 6-figure mastermind groups for several clients. Whether you have a small group of 20 or a larger group of 200, we will take care of everything you need to set it up and have a successful launch.
This service is for those entrepreneurs or start-ups that are tired of taking online courses and getting overwhelmed by the technology. Here is the solution to the procrastination, that can end today, when you sign-up. This service accelerates your success because it takes the stress off of how you are gonna get it all done.