I need a new Successfilly password

  • Reset your password here
  • Make sure to note your username and password, as you'll need it to sign in again later.

I don't see my answers

  • Are you signed in? If not, go ahead and do sign in.
  • Depending on the source of your problem, one of these may resolve your issue, if you are signed in: 1) restart your browser or 2) clear out the cookies, 3) try opening up the course on your computer (rather than your phone), 4) update your browser, 5) restart your computer

How do I mark my modules as complete?

My Module completion rate keeps changing

  • That's likely because we're going through the 40 Day journey live and new modules are opening up each day, which affects your completion rate. Be sure to mark each module as complete, as you go.

Where are my answers to the worksheets saved? 

  • They are saved in the worksheets, themselves, as well as here ("My Answers" on the Successfilly site).

My numbers aren't calculating.

  • Make sure you aren't using any symbols (including dollar signs and periods). Just use whole, rational numbers
  • Make sure you're inputting the #s in the right cells (usually in the right-hand column of their respective worksheets)
  • Make sure to refresh the page to see the calculations

If you still need assistance, please email [email protected]

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